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Radiological Analysis Tool
Copyright 1999-2004 Anthony Rudd

System Requirements:
    Pentium II or better.
    Main Memory: 128MB or greater.
    3D Hardware Accelerated Video Card required.
    (You'll definitely known if you don't have one!)
    Operating System: Win9x or WinNT 4 sp3

Check out samples for this tool!



  • Mouse (rough) or keyboard (fine) user controlled
  • File Formats: Dicom, Deltapack, and raw.
  • Save Image created as bitmap files
  • Copy/Paste into clipboard
  • Save study documents with drag and drop capabilities
  • General Information about Image data.
  • Real-time data interaction

Plane Volume of Interest

  • Orthogonal views of axial, sagittal, coronal of all slices
  • zoom, rotation (x,y,z), translation views
  • Adjust Window Color adjustments (color, level, range)
  • Inverse Video color


  • Maximum Intensity Projection
  • Color adjustment
  • zoom, rotation (x,y,z), translation views

Contour (3D reconstruction of the slices)

  • Contour selection
  • zoom, rotation (x,y,z), translation views

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